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Yep! You guessed it. A Kreative Whim is officially closing the keyboard and Studio-Kate is here with a new name, new space, and the same voice you’re used to. Thanks so much for joining me as I grow into this space on the world wide web.   Daring Greatly. Imperfect Courage. Immeasurably More.  Abide. Submit. I […]

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If this is not in your budget, plan to wear slightly heavier make up than
normal, including blush and lipstick/gloss that are at least slightly darker
than your lip color. Hairspray that hair like a maniac and take off your chipped polish!
I also highly recommend false eyelashes. These can be
purchased for very affordable prices at CVS or any pharmacy in the area.



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You are radiant! And I want you to feel that way during your session. Here are a few tips to help you feel comfortable and confident  during your senior sessions!

Senior style