Summer Senior Session: 5 Reasons It’s Best for You

May 8, 2022

It feels too early doesn’t it? A summer senior session. It probably still feels like junior year.

But senior year has officially arrived! Which means it’s time to think about senior portraits.

Everyone has a season they dream of for their session. Here are a few really important reasons that a summer senior session is the right option for you.

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Is a summer senior session best for me?


You are busy!!!!! I know that. Senior year seems to take that busy-ness to an entirely new level. You have leadership roles in your school sports, clubs, and activities. Some of you will be working longer hours to save for college. And then there are all the lasts. It’s your last Homecoming, last Prom, last football and basketball games, and band and cheer competitions. Oh- and there are college visits.

So while high school has probably felt busy all along, senior year comes with an amped up version and a summer senior session takes the stress out of scheduling on a booked calendar.

Senior Sundays

You know what I hear from most of my seniors?

“Now I have to decide what to post!”

They save them up for #SeniorSunday and post a few each week. But my spring seniors only get a handful of those.

But my summer senior sessions? You get about 42 Sundays to show off those senior portraits.

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Demand is High

There are so many times you need senior pictures during senior year. A summer senior session makes sure you are ahead of the game.

Do you know what I get requests for starting in July and August? Senior Ads.

Very early in senior year you need really great pictures for school programs, yearbooks and yard signs. Your parents and grandparents want to have pictures to share on social media leading up to all of your lasts (and you want to make sure the ones they are sharing are “approved”).

In January you really start thinking about graduation announcements. There are still months of cold, dead winter and the timeline isn’t working out. But a summer senior session takes all that stress off of you and puts you ahead of the game.

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Suntans trump spraytans

I’ve never had a spray tan. I can’t stop imagining the Friends episode with the spray tan gone bad any time I consider it. I know they are especially beloved for winter events and covering tan lines.

But hard truth- they do not photograph well. Spray tans add an orange tint to skin tones that can be very hard (and sometimes impossible) to edit. My goal is for you to look your VERY best during your senior session and a sun-kissed golden suntan cannot be substituted.

So if you have your heart set on a great tan and a sundress a summer senior session is right for you.

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Georgia Weather

You live here. You know it’s nuts. Some years March brings blossoming trees and daffodils. Sometimes it brings blizzards. There really is no way to know. The only time I can guarantee you have green leaves on trees, fields of tall grass and wildflowers is during a summer senior session.

In fact, sunflowers and many wildflowers actually bloom in LATE summer. (Think July and August.) So if gorgeous florals and bold colors are something you are picturing a summer senior session is the only time to get that look.

Stress Free

Senior year should be FUN! But as with all things that are fun- the anticipations and expectations can also bring a little stress. I have never had a senior that booked a summer session regret that decision but I have seen my share of senior (and senior mama) tears over waiting late into the season and running into scheduling conflicts and weather reschedules. There is nothing about the Studio Kate Senior Experience that needs to be stressful. I try very hard to take ALL the stress off of you. But I can’t control the weather or create more days on your calendar.

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How do I book my summer senior session?

If this resonates with you let’s get you booked for a summer senior session. The first step is to book a complementary call to learn more about the Studio Kate Senior Experience and ensure that I am the right photographer for you. My website is also a great resource.

Kate Walton is a photographer with Studio Kate serving Northwest Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. She specializes in Senior Portrait Photography and Branding photography for small businesses in Rome, Ga. If you would like to view more of Kate’s work visit her website at Studio Kate. Instagram is also a great way to get to know her.

If you are interested in working with Kate the first step is scheduling a complimentary call to talk about the best way Kate can serve you. Use this scheduler for Seniors and this one for Brands.

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