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It feels too early doesn’t it? A summer senior session. It probably still feels like junior year. But senior year has officially arrived! Which means it’s time to think about senior portraits. Everyone has a season they dream of for their session. Here are a few really important reasons that a summer senior session is […]


I get asked a lot if I photograph senior guys. The short answer? OF COURSE! Yeah, this one right here goes out to all the boy mamas! (mamas, mamas, boy mamas) A little OutKast anyone? Let’s hear it for the (senior) boys! It was hard to imagine when you sent them off to Kindergarten that […]

senior sessions in rome georgia with senior guys. Tips for a senior guy session


You already know this. But the worst thing about working with seniors is that I only get them for 1 year before they leave me. I like to hold onto people longer than that and the solution seemed to be starting Freshman year. Which is why I am SO EXCITED to be introducing the inaugural Studio Kate Chronicle Team to you today.

Studio Kate Freshman Chronicle Team. Rome Georgia. Pepperell High School. Model High School.


I knew before we started Lily would have some unique plans for her winter senior session. She always brings her own flair! When I saw the forecast I was disappointed but Lily was game for pushing forward and embracing the blustery day.

Winter Senior Pictures with a Funny Face theme on Broad Street in Rome, Georgia.


I once had a senior guy write, “My mom wants pics and I’m down with it” on his inquiry form. I laughed because this is the sentiment I hear from a lot of guys and their dads. But sometimes I have a senior guy like Charlie that really gets into the process and helps me create a session that shows his unique style and is filled with genuine smiles and laughter. Here are some of my top tips for a senior guy session that he will actually enjoy!

Darlington Senior Pictures


I have to show these seniors some LOVE today and show off the Senior Company Valentine’s Day group shoot with my senior model team. Here’s the issue with February. Winter senior photo sessions can be SO COLD. Finding a location with the right aesthetic and temperature always make me flex those creativity muscles. My goal is using unexpected locations for styled senior team photo shoots.

Studio Kate Senior Company Valentine's Day group shoot


This will probably come as no surprise. The Cap and Gown Mini Session Celebration every May is my favorite senior styled shoot.


I just thought I was hungry. Really hungry. Like hangry. But instead- my appendix was dying on me and things got a little crazy. So it’s taken a minute to introduce you to my 2022 Senior Company (a.k.a. the Studio Kate Senior Model Team). This group of Rome Seniors are the best of the best and I am thrilled to introduce you to my very favorite seniors!!!!!

Studio Kate Senior Company Introductions at Kingston Downs


They say rain on your wedding day is a good omen.
Well if that’s true Anniston and Ryan are going to have a marriage for the ages. They were champs and let me drag them around Storybrooks Farm in the rain anyways and we definitely made the best of it.

Storybrooks Farm Wedding in Rome Georgia for a Disney couple. Rainy farm wedding in North Georgia. Classic Southern Wedding. April bride.


In true form I could have easily spent another hour photographing this gorgeous family in that amazing light but I reigned myself in while the dads and boys still had smiles on their faces!

Extended Family Portraits + Rome Ga

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If this is not in your budget, plan to wear slightly heavier make up than
normal, including blush and lipstick/gloss that are at least slightly darker
than your lip color. Hairspray that hair like a maniac and take off your chipped polish!
I also highly recommend false eyelashes. These can be
purchased for very affordable prices at CVS or any pharmacy in the area.



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You are radiant! And I want you to feel that way during your session. Here are a few tips to help you feel comfortable and confident  during your senior sessions!

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