When Should You Book Senior Pictures, Best Senior photographer near me

When Should You Book Senior Pictures?

Jun 20, 2023

This may come as a surprise to you {and your parents}… Senior year is BUSY! Between studying, sports seasons and all the normal high school stuff, you are adding applying to colleges, writing essays, college visits and all the extra stuff that goes along with that final year! Take it from someone who has walked alongside seniors for a few years now- it’s a fast paced roller coaster ride. And spring semester is even faster! So, when should you book senior pictures?

When Should You Book Senior Pictures, Best Senior photographer near me


The short answer is: NOW!

I get asked this question all the time and the truth is…it’s never too early to book your session. Here are some things to consider, when planning for your senior pictures: 

Senior Photo Dates book fast… as in REALLY

Often times, I book 2+ months in advance and prime weeks and holidays go first. Sometimes I do have a last-minute cancellation, but better to be prepared and have your date in place as soon as possible. 

You get to pick your perfect season

Every one of my clients is different. Some love to bundle up and hunker down in a coffee shop and the studio, others want to twirl in sundresses and lay in creeks, while others love boots and changing leaves. This means you will want to plan your senior session around the season you love as well as around your vacations, your sport, and your personal busy season.

By August I am usually 30-50% booked for Fall and early winter. In Georgia, we have a pretty mild winter, so we can shoot all the way up to December. Fall dates are the first to go! Booking early guarantees their is space in the season you LOVE.

Senior Spring is busy!

This is the first time a lot of parents {and students} start to think about their senior photos which makes finding a date complicated. It is also creates a time crunch for all the great products you want for the end of your year including your album and invites & announcements!

By shooting early, you will be able to plan for all of this sans stress!

But what about college T-shirt and cap & gown, I get it! At Studio Kate we offer boomerang sessions as well as complimentary cap and gown sessions for all our SK sessions! This way you can still get updated images without the stress. Book by September 30th and you spring boomerang session is complimentary!

Georgia weather is unpredictable

Making sure that we book a date for your session early leaves plenty of room if the weather gets a little wacky and we need to reschedule.

A great senior session requires planningshopping, coordinating dates, planning your locations and props. Booking early lets you get a head start on all this! This is the FUN part of senior year and we want it to be STRESS FREE, but part of that takes planning and organization {don’t worry, this is where I come in}- BUT you need the time to get it done! I can do a lot, but I cannot add more hours in the day {I wish}!

What about your yearbook photo90% of the local schools use a specific studio that does your drape and tux photos, and getting those done early is best! But, here at Studio Kate we pride ourselves in telling YOUR story! We offer a revolutionary senior experience that is BOLD, BRIGHT and VIBRANTLY YOU. Basically- it’s anything but ordinary. Get that yearbook photo done, so you know you can cross that off your list, and then plan your dream senior photoshoot! This year is once in a lifetime, one you have waited 13 years for, don’t settle for ordinary! 

The best way to know when to book your senior shoot is to chat with me about it. I am here to help guide you, avoid the stress, and explain the process. Senior year is a CELEBRATION! I can’t wait to showcase your bold dreams and bright futures during your senior pictures!

When should you book senior pictures? North Georgia senior pictures, best photographer in georgia



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