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Weldon Dental: Dentist Office Brand Photoshoot

Aug 19, 2023

Most people aren’t a big fan of the dentist but if they ever visit Weldon Dental in Rome, Georgia I bet that would change. I loved getting to be part of their story during this dentist office brand photoshoot.

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Weldon Dental is about more than beautiful smiles. They believe in making a lasting, positive difference that improves their patients’ well-being for years to come. With Dr. Ryan Weldon serving adult patients and Dr. Leigh Weldon, a board-certified pediatric dentist, serving children and teens it is the perfect place for your entire family’s oral health. 

Rome Georgia Dental Brand Photoshoot Goals

Weldon Dentals goal for their brand photography session was to promote awareness of their newly developed dental practice and services available and to educate clients on what sets Weldon Dental apart. 

Oral health affects many aspects of your overall health and Weldon Dental is passionate about developing trusted relationships with their patients and wanted to portray this to clients via their website and social media. 

When Should I have a Brand Photoshoot?

So often I am asked if a brand photoshoot is the right step for a new business. The answer is definitely yes! Having professional photos gives you confidence when marketing your business. However, it is common with new businesses to need updated materials every 6 months as you personalize your office space, change and solidify the products and service you offer, and grow your staff. Once your business, staff and services are established website photos and marketing materials need to be updated every 18-24 months.

Weldon Dental is a great example of this. We have met several times over the course of 2 years to refresh their brand photos and you can see the physical changes to their dental office through these photographs. Their services to patients have also expanded.

Dentist Brand Photoshoot Planning Process

For this dentist office brand photoshoot we wanted to introduce the dentists and office staff as well as preview the office and experience for patients. Dr. Ryan Weldon invited patients in to use as models to showcase the authentic relationship he has with his patients.

Weldon Dentist Brand Photoshoot Inspiration and Results

The photos from Weldon Dental’s brand photoshoot turned out bright and refreshing just like the Weldons. They conveyed the authentic kindness and compassion Dr. Leigh and Dr. Ryan have for their patients. The waiting room is open and welcoming with a designated children’s area to take the nerves away. Local photographer and artist work is displayed throughout the office which is just one small way the Weldons support their local community. 

Weldon Dental has a library of brand photos ready to be turned into social media posts, email newsletters and marketing publications. Using these professional brand photos are also the first impression patients receive of Weldon Dental when visiting their website.

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If you are ready to talk about your own brand photoshoot the first step is scheduling a consult.



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