What is a Brand Photography Session?

Aug 29, 2022

You own a business! You’re turning a hobby into a career! You started a social media account for your job… Now what? Definitely a brand photography session.

I get it, guys. Starting a business feels overwhelming. Owning a business takes so much more than what your clients, customers and patients see. Also, you aren’t sure where to turn when it comes to social media. The answer to all of this is a brand photography.

What is Brand Photography?

Branding photography is a bridge between what your business offers your clients and what your clients perceive as your business.

It is a branch of commercial photography benefiting small business owners and entrepreneurs that provides professional imagery that is cohesive and tells the story of what they offer to their target market. It’s the whole body story from the products to your personality.

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Want to know the truth? Branding photography is not really for you. It’s for YOUR clients.

A little counter-intuitive, huh? I mean- I want you to LOVE the imagery we create but what really matters is if it helps your target market know, like and trust from you (a.k.a. put some dollars in your account!).

While each session is different based on your specific needs, branding sessions are strategically designed to provide you with a combination of process images, traditional headshots, portraits that showcase your personality and images that depict your offer to your client.

What it’s not!

If you have been on social media any time at all you’ve seen an influencer sitting at a desk with their laptop and their coffee in some fuzzy pj’s and a messy bun. That’s not actually brand photography. Well. It is. But it’s just dipping your toe into what is really there.

The entire purpose of your branding session is to make you and your business stand out to potential clients! If you are a blogger or a podcaster, a realtor or a photographer there is definitely a place in your session to create some cozy work from home (or the coffee shop) imagery but we will also wade all the way out into the deep end to separate you from the crowd.

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What About Headshots?

Of course we will be sure to update you headshots. But it’s so much more! Even your headshots will provide your clients with fragments of information about who you are and what you offer.

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Are you ready to create engaging, marketing-minded images that stop the scroll? Let’s chat!

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Kate Walton is a photographer with Studio Kate serving Northwest Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. She specializes in Senior Portrait Photography and Branding photography for small businesses in Rome, Ga. If you would like to view more of Kate’s work visit her website at Studio Kate. Instagram is also a great way to get to know her.

If you are interested in working with Kate the first step is scheduling a complimentary call to talk about the best way Kate can serve you. Use this scheduler for Seniors and this one for Brands.



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