Rome Georgia Senior Photographer: Wildflower Photoshoot with Studio Kate

Jul 19, 2023

IF you’ve glanced at my Instagram lately you may have noticed there were flowers in every shot. But how can I resist showing off gorgeous seniors in bursting blooms?! Hopefully you aren’t too tired of it yet because this senior team wildflower photoshoot with the class of 2024 Senior Company was a dream.

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Rhyne Farms Wildflower Photoshoot

Rhyne Farms has a new Wildflower Hill this year. In the past they hae had a Wildflower Patch in front of their barn. Which do you like better?

You have to be feeling a little adventurous to get there but I love the big sky sunset behind the field once you are there (and I wouldn’t mind seeing it at sunrise, seniors! Hint Hint!). This was our first team photoshoot after our Meet + Greet so I wanted these ladies to show off their own personalities with a *few* suggestions.

I shared a Pinterest board with inspiration on styles for outfits and hair. I always love seeing how each of them interprets a Pinterest board. As much fun as I think it would be to dress my seniors from head to toe for a styled shoot (and maybe one day I will)– these are their senior pictures and my utmost goal is for them to feel confident and comfortable when they show up.

Pepperell High School Seniors

And while my Pepperell High School ladies gave me 70’s flower child vibes-

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Unity Christian + Darlington School Wildflower Photoshoot

My Unity Christian and Darlington School seniors made me think a Bridgerton photoshoot would be really elegant… or maybe the Oregon Trail?

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Model High School + Coosa High School Seniors

And the Model High School and Coosa High School cuties added accessories like these sunglasses, braids and head scarves giving so much interest to their images.

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Pink Cruiser Bicycle Senior Photoshoot

A few weeks ago I watched Now and Then (love it!) and kept thinking how much I love a cruiser so a pink cruiser-style bike in a field of wildflowers was a must for a few shots.This may not be the only time you see it this year!

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I’m going to go ahead and call it. Our Senior Team Wildflower Photoshoot is going to be my favorite of the year.

I’m also 10000% sure it’s only going to get better from here.

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The summer 2024 calendar is already full. But wildflowers will still be blooming into August and September and the fall sunflower crop will be ready at the end of September. Now is the perfect time to schedule your pre-booking consult and get on my fall calendar.

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