Tips for a Summer Session

Jul 12, 2022

Summer is a busy season for senior photography. You’re out of school, sports schedules are less intense and you have those GORGEOUS summer tans. Today I have a few tips for a sensational summer session.

Find your inner Early Bird

You should know I’m a night owl.

morning senior session in Rome Georgia at Darlington school. Model high school senior session at Burk Farm with Studio Kate.

I LOVE staying up late in my quiet house to read or work on a new project. My creative brain comes alive when the sun goes down. But with 3 kids that makes for a pretty moody mom.

So I’m transitioning myself to an early bird. I even wake up in the 4’s to run a few days a week. (Don’t be fooled. I kind of hate it and I want to cancel every single time!!!)

But I digress.

Last summer I ran into scheduling issues due to rain storm after rain storm right starting right about the time my sessions were supposed to start. So after a lot of rescheduling and realizing we may not have enough summer nights left on the calendar I asked my seniors how they felt about having sessions in the morning.

You know what? We all LOVED it.

The light is gorgeous. The humidity (and temps) are low. And we are finished by lunch. So those pretty seniors all dolled up for sessions took their cute selves out to lunch with friends, off to the pool, or work. Regardless of where they ended we started the day with a senior session and she still had the entire day to enjoy herself.

Go Pro

By now you know I am a FAN of using a professional for your hair and makeup during your senior’s session.

Studio Kate in Rome Georgia offers professional hair and makeup for senior sessions with Jaclyn Smith from Stella Blu.

Those ladies (and sometimes guys) just know what the camera needs. In fact, they are kind of experts at that.

I could write an entire blog about the PROS of using a pro- I’ll just tell you about one. Professional hair and makeup artists also know how to battle the heat and humidity.

They create camera ready looks that last!

Since you are having your hair styled anyways you may want to consider trying something new with your hair- a fun braid, a messy bun, or ending your session with a fun hat!

Beat the heat and look cute, too!

Keep and eye on your tan lines.

My kids are already asking when the pool is opening.

We spend so much time there during the summer I probably sweat chlorine and my tan lines are always a mess.

One of the biggest tips I have for a sensational summer session is to watch those tan lines.

Sure we can do some strategic posing to make lines and sunburn less noticeable, but it limits the freedom we have for posing during a session.

Studio Kate Senior sessions in Rome Georgia with Kate Walton. Tips for tan lines and sunburns during senior session. Pepperell high school senior photographer in Armuchee.

We’ve all been there- trying on a cute dress for an event and your tan lines are lighting you up like a Christmas tree.

In the week leading up to your session consider wearing a strapless bathing suit to even out the golden glow. And, of course, please use lots of sunscreen! 

If you are trying on outfits that do not work with your tan lines and evening them out just isn’t possible you will be happiest choosing an outfit that does flatter your tan lines. For example- if you are like me and get a KILLER sports bra line I would consider wearing a top or dress in a racerback cut or with a cute collar.

Moisturize + Bathe

I know you are all laughing.

Of course you know to bathe- but also, those handy makeup and cleansing wipes seem so convenient.

Summer sweat can lead to dreaded breakouts and using soap to clean off after a workout or pool session and washing your face will make much bigger impact for clear skin.

I also cannot stress the importance of slathering on lotion to avoid the scaly skin that is inevitable with excessive chlorine, sunshine and sunscreen. 

Vaseline or aquaphor on your lips at night is also a great idea! The sun can cause your lips to feel a little swollen, dry and tender.

Even if you aren’t having your custom senior session this summer I suggest moisturizing and bathing during the summer 😉


Obviously you need to drink water. It’s hot out there and we don’t want anyone passing out or feeling sick during their senior session. Not to mention it’s great for your skin.

Tips for summer session in Rome Georgia with Studio Kate senior photographer Kate Walton. Creek senior session. Beach senior session, Pool Senior Session.

But what I actually meant this time is- consider incorporating water into your senior session. In our small city of 7 hills and 3 rivers there is no shortage of bodies of water around. Planning your session to include a little splash here and there will keep you cool and make for some really fun shots.

We can keep it as simple and classic as sitting on a dock with feet in the water or toss on some vintage sunglasses with a cute top and some cut offs and style a car wash. 

Road Trip

I get a little antsy if I stay in one place too long. If you had asked me 10 years if I would spend the rest of my life in one town I would have said “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” yet here I am. But every few weeks I do have to pack my bags and head out for a night or 2.

Studio Kate destination senior photographer in Charleston South Carolina at The battery. Debutante photographer Kate Walton. Model photographer for high school students. Beach photography.

Summer is the perfect time for a road trip. If you have a dream destination you would love to adventure to for your session I can promise I am down for this.

If this sounds like you, too, let’s discuss options for a destination senior session during your First Step call.

Just right

Not too small. Not too big. Just right.

Not too long. Not too short. Just right.

Not too tight. Not too loose. Just right.

That’s the look you are going for.

What to wear for senior session during summer. Tips for summer session in northwest Georgia and Tennessee. Rome Georgia photographer Kate Walton with Studio Kate.

Crop tops and mini dresses are in right now and there is a time for those but it may not be the perfect look for your senior session.

Your wardrobe will affect how you feel during your session and about your session- especially in summer. You want to be able to move, lift your arms and twirl without feeling indecent.

Kate Walton is a photographer with Studio Kate serving Northwest Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. She specializes in Senior Portrait Photography and Branding photography for small businesses in Rome, Ga. If you would like to view more of Kate’s work visit her website at Studio Kate. Instagram is also a great way to get to know her.

Want to see more? Check out the Senior Company’s Patriotic Styled Shoot. We used some of these tips to beat the heat!

If you are interested in working with Kate the first step is scheduling a complimentary call to talk about the best way Kate can serve you. Use this scheduler for Seniors and this one for Brands.

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