Senior Photo Location Guide: Flower Stand Photo Shoot

Jul 15, 2022

It’s entirely possible I was stalking Rhyne Farms instagram waiting for their flower stand to open. I knew a flower stand photo shoot could be in my future if the location checked out. But I had no idea how perfect Rhyne Farms would be.

I invited my Studio Kate Chronicle team out for a flower stand photo shoot for their small session day. It was such a hit I added an additional POP UP for my Senior Company members.

For the flower stand photo shoot my wardrobe suggestions were pretty loose. I love the array of styles chosen. Every outfit fit the location perfectly from sporty to vintage to preppy. This is a testament to the spectacular environment Rhyne Farms has curated.

Flower stand photo shoot, flowers, senior photography

Where do we take senior photos?

I get asked a LOT about locations for senior portraits. Do I choose the location? Do you? Can we use a friend’s/family property? The answer to all 3 of those questions is YES.

Yes I can choose your locations.

Yes you can choose the location.

And yes– I love to use a private property that has meaning to you and/or more exclusive access.

Flower stand photo shoot, Rhyne Farms, Rome, Georgia, senior photography

What makes a good location?

Here is the thing. Locations are not equal. There are 3 specific components I look for when choosing locations to add to my bag of tricks.

Quality of light. Accessibility. Variety.

Quality of Light is key.

If the light is bad a location is kind of worthless. Light is the #1 component of an amazing photo. This doesn’t mean every great photo needs perfect light or even a lot of light. However, it does mean the light needs to enhance the photo rather than distract from the subject.

Accessibility during senior pictures.

Accessibility is not a location-killer for me but it is important to consider. Most often Studio Kate seniors have professional hair and makeup along with an outfit they love. Being able to park near a location and be able to move well while you are there matters!

Variety matters during your senior session.

Locations that offer a wide variety of backdrops are my very favorite. The less time we spend traveling to different locations the more time we have to create art in camera. A location like Rhyne Farms with sunflowers, a wildflower patch, the barn and a flower stand offers multiple backdrops for entirely unique looks. This variety is the key to getting the most from your senior session. (This is the key to creating an album you love!)

Flower stand photo shoot, Rhyne Farms, Rome, Georgia, senior photography

Kate Walton is a photographer with Studio Kate serving Northwest Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. She specializes in Senior Portrait Photography and Branding photography for small businesses in Rome, Ga. If you would like to view more of Kate’s work visit her website at Studio Kate. Instagram is also a great way to get to know her.

If you are interested in working with Kate the first step is scheduling a complimentary call to talk about the best way Kate can serve you. Use this scheduler for Seniors and this one for Brands.

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